Industrial and technical markets

Industrial and technical markets

Telemarketing has been used successfully for years within consumer market for everything from double glazing to car insurance however Industrial and technical markets present a different set of challenges.

  • Call content is more complex and includes technical buzz words
  • Loyalty to an existing product brand or service provider can be very strong, and resistant to a pushy or over-familiar telesales approach
  • Number of sites called is usually far lower – dozens to few 1000’s
  • Decision maker is usually unknown at the start of the call and decision making can be complicated and involve both local site and HQ staff
  • Any company information that is purchased is frequently at corporate not at site level eg turnover and name of MD, but not which sites manufacture and who makes the decisions?


but not just industrial and technical

While AmberGo has unrivalled experience in these two areas we have carried out many other campaigns which are distinctly “non-technical”. For example transport, hotels and leisure, exhibition, health and education, local government, banking and finance.