Developing a successful campaign

Developing a successful campaign

Female Customer Services Agent In Call Centre Royalty Free Stock PhotoA successful telesales campaign starts with a well motivated team who naturally need to be good on the phone, but who also feel confident about promoting the product or service in question.

Not every product or service can be unique, or offer the lowest price or the best specification. So the secret of successful telesales is firstly about listening to identify customers needs.

Then secondly to focus on what are often quite small but positive differences over the competition in specific areas. Operators need to be confident in promoting a product or service and this starts with good training notes, and frequent call practice. No operator can  be expected understand all the minute details of every product after just a day.

However good training notes will provide a sound understanding of the market, the application, competition and most importantly the benefits to promote on behalf of our customers…. as well as the technical buzzwords for that industry or market We normally record all of our calls and make these available to our customers and own team. That way our customers can be confident of our professional approach, while our own team can benefit from feedback to enhance their skills and technical knowledge.

Our approach uses 5 basic building blocks:

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1) Identifying campaign objectives

Before starting any campaign AmberGo works with its customers to clearly identify and agree campaign objectives and deliverables. Some typical objectives from recent AmberGo campaigns included

  • Reactivating lapsed customers who had not purchased sensors in last 2 years
  • Identifying and selling internet routers into a new industrial End User market
  • Contacting and selling PLCs to all known OEMs manufacturing in UK
  • Raising awareness and generating sales leads for new mechanical drives
  • Tracking down legacy switchgear sold in last 50 years, promoting retrofits and service
  • Locating and recalling several thousand product with potential safety defect
2) Providing quality data

Second consideration of any campaign is to identify where customer data will be obtained. AmberGo has a database of approximately 2 Million companies, and will provide this data free of charge for its client’s campaigns. Alternatively AmberGo will use a client’s data, or even assist in the purchase of whatever data is required using a variety of approved marketing sources. Small to medium size businesses usually have a single site or small number of sites so externally purchased data is ideal, but for large groups all information is usually consolidated . It is far more important to have information at site level eg site telephone number, contact name so in nearly 75 % of cases then AmberGo provide all the data for a campaign.
3) Training notes and ‘script’

AmberGo’s success in the industrial /technical market is mainly due to the detailed way we prepare a campaign, and training notes are the most important single element. These are all prepared in a similar way, so whether we promoting any product or service, from steelwork or CNC control or from CAD drawing to bio-labs.

Once an operator truly understands the market, product / service, and it’s benefits then the script is simply a reminder of the main points and a road map for generating leads rather than a “crutch” to cling onto during the call. Training notes also provide an explanation of technical concepts and buzz words for the product or service.

4) Script and Call Training

The term “script” is widely used in the telesales industry and unfortunately for many telesales company in the consumer market that is exactly that is! So conversations can often sound robotic, with more emphasis on talking rather than listening. AmberGo believe a script should never be used as crutch to get through a call. A script is certainly not a substitute for a proper training and understanding of the product or service promoted. It is though a reminder of what we have agreed with our clients, eg what questions to ask and the key points to get across.
Most scripts have a similar structure and follow industry proven techniques such as Funneling, Open Neutral Questions and Leading questions and Closing. All the scripting work is carried out by AmberGo and a draft copy is sent to clients before a single call is made. During this approval process any marketing points can be ironed out such as the way the company name is pronounced. Once approved then the script is loaded onto a database as a series of simple bullet points to allow our operators to have a natural conversation with the customer. “Management speak” and impenetrable technical jargon have been eliminated before this stage. Calls are then practiced internally within AmberGo and once ready the first actual calls are made

5) Database

The majority of our campaigns are run using standard Microsoft Access databases customized to whatever product or service campaign is involved. So the campaigns reports can be downloaded at any time by our customers.
AmberGo have also run campaigns as a remote user for clients own databases such as Siebel, ACT, or Goldmine. However one point to consider is that if databases such as these are often remotely hosted,so can be slow and may not be very suitable for real-time calls.

The final objective of most campaigns we run is to generate sales leads. These leads are emailed at daily to our clients, usually direct to the local sales team member. In addition, and at no cost, we will phone our customers local sales person with Hot leads .This ensure the customer is called quickly, sometimes within 5 minutes of our call and this certainly creates a good impression of a responsive company!